MartyMarty Blake has been working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer for many years. Marty’s illustration is grounded in collage, most often executed digitally. Her pictures are composed of scraps from her extensive library of old books, magazines, ephemera, a set of 1939 wallpaper swatchbooks and vintage cigarbox labels. She uses her own photographs and stock photography when needed. For gallery installations her work is typically cut paper with the occasional bit of lichen or doll’s arm glued on.

Marty’s design clients include arts and educational institutions, restaurants and fine foods. Her projects are logos, letterheads, brochures, ads, posters and publications. She designs from concept through execution, when needed art directing photo shoots and monitoring jobs on press.

After teaching adjunct and lecturing for a long time in a number of schools, Marty is currently full-time Assistant Professor and Illustration Program Coordinator at Syracuse University. This does not dissuade her from her freelance vocation one bit. Got a job? Give a call.

PO Box 266
Jamesville, NY 13078